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Gold Series Pipes
  • The most copied expansion chamber in the world
  • All Gold Series pipes are computer designed and dyno tested to focus power gains where each machine needs it most
  • Every pipe goes through the Tru-Flo stamping process to ensure quality performance and optimum fit.
  • Different pipes for selected models allow fine-tuning of bike's powerband - SST pipes are a new industry benchmark; Fatty pipes offers better bottom and top power; gnarly improves low- to mid-power with a little less on top than stock; Rev pipes improve mid-top power with the same bottom as stock

SST Pipe

  • The fastest pipe on the planet
  • SST technology is dictated by the trademarked module on the back of the pipe that accelerates exhaust flow and substantially improves performance
  • Using FMF Tru-Flo manufacturing technology, SST systems have computer-designed dimensions that mate to the SST module
  • Constructed of strong 19-gauge steel with a chrome-plated finish

Fatty Pipe

  • Computer designed and dyno tested to make power gains where each machine needs them the most
  • Tru-Flo stamping process ensures a perfect fit and optimum performance
  • Constructed of strong 19-gauge steel with a nickel-plated finish

Rev Pipe

  • Designed for 80s and 125s only
  • Performance gains are focused on the mid- and top-end making the Rev a must for outdoor MX and high-speed circuits
  • Gold Series finish and sturdy 19 gauge US steel construction

Gnarly Pipe

  • Power gains are focused toward bottom and mid, with a goal of increased tractability
  • An excellent off-road pipe and winner for tighter tracks
  • Built with tough 18 gauge steel
  • Used by National Enduro champion Mike Lafferty and Team Suzuki Off-road

Power Core II Silencers

Power Core II Shorty™


  • The most popular 2-stroke silencer in FMF's arsenal
  • Provides a strong performance edge for any 2-stroke machine
  • Lightweight extruded oval canister design
  • Elliptical shape body with perforated core performs well in any condition, providing performance enhancements while reducing noise output
  • Equipped with a Performance Flow end cap and nickel-plated front stinger
  • Offers easy maintenance and is completely repackable
  • FMF took the proven success of the Power Core 2 and created the Power Core 2 Shorty, with a shorter inner core length and canister, resulting in a finely tuned bolt-on performance enhancer
  • Maximizes bottom and mid power gains
  • An excellent choice for tight tracks and supercross tracks
  • Also used on courses that consist mainly of very tight corners
  • Completely repackable and maintainable
Power Core Silencers

SST Shorty Silencers


  • Power Core silencers give your bike a deep works-like tone while providing optimum, dyno-tuned performance
  • the silencer body is constructed of 6061 T-6 grade aluminum with machined mounts and a clear anodized finish to bring out the shine
  • Anodized and nickel plated
  • Repack without any special tools

  • An integral part of the SST power package
  • Identical to the standard shorty
  • Required on some models when installing an FMF Gold Series SST pipe
Turbine Core II Spark Arrestor Silencers

TI-2 Silencers


  • Low maintenance, light weight and power retaining are terms not usually associated with a Spark Arrestor - not until FMF's Turbine Core II
  • Turbine Dampening System provides US Forestry Legal status
  • Straight-through design of the spark arrestor canister and the Performance Flow stainless steel end cap ensure strength, durability and, most importantly, track- and trail-proven unrestricted power

  • Full factory level racing silencers provide stunning performance mated to the lightest, most technically advanced 2-stroke mufflers on the planet
  • Fit with a titanium stinger and Performance Flow end cap, a lightweight aluminum canister and power characteristics that mirror the FMF Shorty
  • Tagged as the lightest silencer made, the TI2 is the direct result of FMF's commitment to factory level racing and was used during the entire 2001 racing year by Yamaha of Troy

Turbine Core II-Q Spark Arrestor Silencers

Turbine Core Spark Arrestor Silencers


  • FMF Racing's newest "woods" silencing system
  • Spark legal muffler system meets the 93db sound level set by the Forest Service which makes it the quietest 2-stroke legal performance spark arrestor made
  • Long oval canisters and internal technology that provides optimum flow characteristics while enhancing sound absorption
  • The result - superior sound deadening characteristics and excellent power
  • Stops noise pollution without robbing power
  • FMF's Turbine Dampening Separator (TDS) baffle design eliminates the exhaust restriction associated with conventional spark arrestors
  • Compact design is nearly identical in size and performance to FMF's standard silencer
  • Canister is easily disassembled for cleaning and replacement of silencer packing material
  • US Forest Service approved

2-Stroke Application Guides - Pipes & Silencers:

Hi Flow Headers
Stainless Steel and Titanium

  • Available in both single and dual port systems giving excellent weight savings combined with performance habits that help make every four stroke excel
  • The same systems that helped Yamaha of Troy's Ernesto Fonseca win the 2001 West Coast 125cc Supercross title
  • Designed to enhance low to mid rpm power, which increases tractability
  • Maximize exhaust and improve ergonomics for the performance-minded four-stroke riders
  • Tuned for bottom to mid performance
  • Stainless steel for strength and light weight, or titanium for even greater weight savings

Power Bomb Headers
Stainless Steel and Titanium

  • Available in both single and dual systems, with both giving excellent weight savings combined with lurking performance habits that help make every four-stroke excel
  • The same systems that helped Yamaha of Troy's ErnestoFonseca win a supercross title
  • Header pipe unit that has a unique bulge precisely located to boost performance and reduce sound output
  • Powerbomb "pre-muffler" creates more surface area to absorb sound output
  • Surface area of the perforated core lets the sound exit into the absorbing material (steel wool packing) and then allows the air to expand, cool, and ramp back up at higher air pressures at higher rpm
  • Instrumental in producing a power increase via scientific flow characteristics
  • Through the expansion and contraction of exhaust sonics through the system, the flow is increased by nearly 10%
  • Available in stainless steel for strength combined with light weight and titanium for even greater weight savings

Mid Pipes
Stainless Steel and Titanium

  • Available in both stainless steel and titanium
  • Stainless steel version offers identical performance to the titanium but is more economical
  • Titanium mid-pipe complements the full Titanium-4 system; totally lightweight and designed for the highest levels of performance

Titanium-4 Mufflers

  • Combines the huge weight savings of titanium with the performance traits gleaned from FMF's association with factory motocross teams
  • Titanium-4 muffler cap a three piece exhaust system that features a titanium (or stainless steel header system, a titanium (or stainless steel) mid pipe and the Titanium-4 muffler itself
  • Thousands of hours of both track and dyno time have resulted in power gains averaging just under 20%
  • Made from military grade titanium that is light and durable - in most cases the Ti-4 is 50% lighter than stock!
  • Offered in two lengths
  • Standard 14" unit offers the greatest power gains at the expense of a louder sound level - not the best choice for sound sensitive places
  • Longer 17" unit delivers a bit less peak power, trading it for increased low-end throttle response and a more respectable reduced sound level
  • Both Ti-4 mufflers require an FMF mid-pipe to fit properly (the header pipe is NOT required, but highly recommended over the stock unit)

Power Core IV

  • New modular end cap allows easy tuning alterations
  • Standard hi-flo 2" end cap boosts all-around performance; optional smaller 13/4" end cap smoothes power delivery; spark arrestor module adds off-road versatility
  • Computer designed and dyno tested for every 4-stroke application
  • Enhanced sonic evacuation delivers a higher flow of exhaust gases which increases power
  • A stainless steel mid pipe mates to the computer designed aluminum rear can for lightweight durability
  • Square or round (depending on the machine) perforated steel inner cores make for optimum flow, using hi-flow technology
  • FMF's exclusive cross-weave internal packing provides longevity and maximum sound disbursement
  • Elliptical aluminum can offers strategic sizing for superior performance
  • Optional "Quiet Core" insert will provide a decrease in sound level if desire

Q Mufflers

  • The world's first 4-stroke off-road muffler to combine strong performance while minimizing noise output
  • Internal baffles, chambers and space age sound-absorbing materials provide maximum sound disbursement and more power
  • Internal "bullet" spark arrestor and performance flow end cap help stifle sound and enhance the exhaust flow dynamics
  • Aluminum oval can and stainless steel mid pipe
  • The ultimate lightweight all legal, low maintenance 4-stroke muffle

Power Core IV SA

  • Patented screen-type Forest Service-approved spark arrestor does not interrupt exhaust flow so there's no performance loss
  • Strategic ports allow the sonics to evacuate more effectively with the computer-designed Performance Flow cap
  • New power standard via square inner core technology
  • Big weight savings over stock


  • A state-of-the-art off-road performance system that includes an approved spark arrestor with tunable disc system that lets you tailor the power output and noise level; optional Quiet Core insert lets you go totally Stealth
  • Oval canister provides 10% more volume than canisters for increased exhaust flow
  • Unique oval-shaped muffler section improves torque, boosts bottom end, broadens midrange and enhances peak power

4-Stroke Application Guides - Pipes & Mufflers:

Pipe Springs

Pipe O-Rings




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