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Muzzy Oval Stainless Steel Full Exhaust Systems
are the leading edge in street performance for your sportbike, the MUZZY Stainless offers the durability, strength and beauty of stainless steel in a pipe that is designed to give the street rider maximum performance and durability.Dyno proven for maximum horsepower & torque.

(available with a Carbon Fiber or Titanium can)

Muzzy Oval Stainless Slip-On & Bolt-On
Exhaust Systems reduce the weight of the OEM system as well as add horsepower. The canisters feature a CNC machined billet aluminum polished end cap. Slip-Ons feature stainless steel tailpipe where applicable.

(available with a Carbon Fiber or Titanium can)

Muzzy Round Stainless Steel Exhaust System
is for street,road and drag racing. Each system is meticulously built by hand, with precision MIG & TIG welds. The ssystem is all stainless steel construction with chrome plated steel flanges. The muffler cannister is polished aluminum with a stainless steel endcap. All desighns fully tested and dyno proven to provide maximum horsepower gain throughout the entire RPM range.

Muzzy Sidewinder Drag Race Megaphone Exhaust System
will give your bike a true drag racer performance. Systems are high quality stainless steel and feature a removable baffle.

• not intended for street use
• requires fairing modification

Only available for a GSXR1300R  99-01


MSR $995.00
Our Sale Price $895.95







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