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Chicken Hawk Tire Warmers

  • The best tire warmers you can get, Chicken Hawk is the warmer of choice for 2002 AMA 600 Supersport champion Aaron Yates, 2002 AMA 250 GP champion Chuck Sorenson, 2002 Formula USA Superbike champion Michael Barnes and many other top professional racers.
  • For performance: Properly heated race tires allow fast cornering from the first lap.
  • For economy: Properly heated race tires wear longer and won't get ripped up on the forst lap; tire warmers also can extend heat cycles, so tires don't have to heat up for a track session, then cool down while waiting for the next track session, when they'll heat up again.
  • For safety: The cost of a crash can vary, from a few scratches to broken frames - on both bike and rider.
  • Chicken Hawk tire warmers have thehighest watt-density - rear warmers draw 600 watts, fronts draw 550 watts for the most watts/square inch available.
  • The result is a slow,gradual,yet powerful warmer that permeates the complete tire carcass with thorough, stable heat.
  • Available in Standard and Pole Position models
  • Sold in sets of two.
  • Several sizes available (see chart for ranges of tire sizes each set will fit);Superbike and 250 GP sets can be used with all compound race tires; 125 GP sets are sized and calibrated specifically for 125 GP race tires; Dirt Track sets are sized and calibrated specifically for dirt track race tires.
Standard Tire Warmers
Pole Position Warmers
  • Tough, 1000-denier Cordura® outer shell withstands the rigors of race duty
  • Inner lining is made of melt-proof aramid fiber
  • High-impact temperature controllers and full-coverage Kapton® heating elements combine with Nomex® insulation to keep heat from escaping and diffuse it to heat the whole tire surface
  • Neon light glows when unit is powered; blinks when tire reaches full temperature (174 F)
  • All the features of the Chicken Hawk Standard tire warmers, plus a hard-shell carrying case and a sensor that offers a choice of two operating temperatures
  • Use the low (135 F) temperature setting for heating rain-compound tires; also perfect for maintaining heat cycles during extended periods of time between track sessions
  • Use the high (174 F) temperature setting to bring tires up to proper temperature for dry race track conditions
Note: Not recommended for street use.
Note: Do not use a tire warmer on a smaller tire than it was designed for. Overlapping or bunching the tire warmer can damage both the tire warmer and the tire.
Note: 125 GP tire warmers are designed for tires used on 125 GP machines. these tires are made of special, sticky compounds and have different density carcasses and require specific tire warmer sizes and heating calibrations which are not appropriate for use with other racing tires.


MSR: $449.95 Our Price: $409.95
DescriptionTire Diameter Front Tire WidthRear Tire WidthPart#
125 GP 17"80-100105-115
250 GP 17"110-120150-165
Dirt Track 19"NANA

Pole Position

MSR: $569.95 Our Price: $518.95
DescriptionTire Diameter Front Tire WidthRear Tire WidthPart#
125 GP 17"80-100105-115
250 GP17"110-120150-165








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