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Chain Tools

Motion Pro Chain Alignment Tool


Know that your chain and sprockets are perfectly aligned with this chain alignment tool. The tool body clamps to the rear sprocket while the alignment rod points toward the front sprocket, allowing for a visual sight line down the length of the chain. Never waste money on replacing unevenly worn sprockets and tires again.

Grunge Brush
The Grunge Brush is a simple and effective way to clean dirty, gunked up chains. The innovative design attacks grease from three angles keeping your fingers clean and safe. The Grunge Brush combo pack includes a powerful biodegradable cleaner that's great for prepping the dirty chain, without harming O-Ring seals. Brush blocks can be removed for cleaning.

Grunge Brush Combo Pack
Grunge Brush
Brush Block Set (3)

Motion Pro Chain Breaker

  • Heat-treated chrome molly body
  • (4") with folding handle for easy storage
  • Fits chain sizes 420, 428, 520, 530, and some 630
  • Will push link pin completely through link
  • Replaceable pin is heat-treated and hardened for long life
Chain Breaker
Replacement Tip

Motion Pro Chain Press Tool

  • Press-fit side plates on all 520-530 chain
  • Works on O-Ring chain
  • Designed to install press-fit connecting links


Motion Pro Masterlink Pliers

  • Simplifies installation and removal of clip-type masterlinks
  • One tip is shorter and notched to be placed on the pin while the other is longer to easily push the clip


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