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Tire Inflators

MSR® Tire Inflation Kit
  • Uses no rubber or plastic hoses which can explode or break under pressure
  • Compact carry pouch for any fanny packs
  • Comes with 3 CO2s and 1 elbow

Repair Kit
Repl. CO2 Bottles (5pk)
Replacement Elbow

Motopump Ultraflate Tire Inflator
  • Controllable tire inflation
  • Uses any size threaded CO2 cartridges and the inexpensive BB gun type non-threaded CO2
  • New dual-purpose nozzle pushes on for Presta valves and screws on for Shrader valves

Pump w/16g Cartridge
Repl. CO2 12g non-threaded (3pk)
Repl. CO2 25g

Progressive® Suspension Tire Repair Kits
  • Each kit contains the appropriate patches or plugs, cement, buffer and CO2 cartridge
Tubeless Kit
Tube Type Kit
CO2 replacement cartridge
CO2 adapter hose

Microflate Right Angle Tire Inflator
  • Controllable tire inflation
  • Right angle design fits all rim types
  • For use with all threaded CO2 cartridges with 3/8" x 24 threads
  • No adapter is necessary

Right Angle Tire Inflator
Repl. CO2 25g

CO2 Push On Air Chuck
  • New thread-less nozzle design, push on Presta or Shrader valves
  • Fastest inflation available, push to inflate technology
  • Lifetime Manufacturer's warranty
  • Uses threaded cartridge

Air Chuck w/16g cartridge
Repl. CO2 25g

Slim Jim IH Plus CO2

  • Equipped with the new IH (intelligent head), which accepts Presta or Shrader valves in its single valve port
  • Offers instant inflation that only CO2 power can provide
  • Inflates tires quickly with normal pumping action
  • When instant inflation is needed, just unscrew the head, you now have a state of the art CO2 inflator
  • No threading necessary, just push on and inflate
  • Uses threaded CO2 cylinders
  • Includes one 16g threaded CO2 cylinder

Second Wind IH
  • Combination CO2/hand pump
  • Equipped with the new IH (intelligent head), which accepts Presta or Shrader valves in its single valve port
  • Offers instant CO2 inflation with a back-up mini hand pump feature
  • Uses all threaded and non-threaded CO2 cartridges
  • Includes one 12g non-threaded CO2 cartridge

Bikemaster® Inflate-It "Air Compressor In A Can"

  • Small compact can is easy to carry and store
  • Use what you need and store the rest until you need it
  • Fills virtually anything containing air
  • Non-explosive & nonflamable
  • Contains no CFC's, so it's environmentally friendly
  • Contains no messy sealant
  • Available in a 2.75 or 10 oz. can


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